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Supplying Utah with Trophies & Awards Since 1988.

Sports Trophies:

Build Your Own TrophiesStarting in 1988, we began providing Cedar City with quality sports trophies.  We soon branched out to serve all of Southern Utah and with the recent introduction of our website we have been providing the rest of Utah and various places in the United States with trophies since 2018.

These are an example of the custom column trophites that have become quite popular.  Many schools, little league and other sports teams give teammates these trophies after a good season.  These have been and will continute to be a fan favorite trophy in Utah!

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Sports Resins:

In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s a new style of trophy came out.  These were the beautifully design sports resins.  It allowed companies to create their own trophies from a resin mold, and created a trophy with much more action than the traditional column trophies.  It soon became popular, and we began providing sports teams in Utah and throughout the nation with sports resins for their players.

Corporate Awards:

The introduction of laser engraving opened new possibilities for corporate awards.  We began engraving on acrylic, glass & crystal awards.  These soon became a best seller among businesses.  We began providing corporate awards to businesses in Utah quicker and cheaper through our website.

Academic Awards:

It has always been important to us to help recognize academic excellence, and foster students growth.  We have provided Utah Schools with thousands of academic awards recognizing the terrific students we have in our state.  Through our 4.0 Plaque Sponsorship Program we have donated thousands of dollars to help students acheive academic excellence.

30+ Years of Quality Trophies and Awards in Utah

If you’re looking for quality awards for your business or trophies for your sports team.  You can now get the best service by purchasing awards online with gemawards.com.  We strive to complete all orders within 48 business hours and offer the best customer service to you.  Let us help you recognize you’re employees, students or teammates!