Value Ribbons – Placing Ribbons

Why Order Ribbons from Gem Awards?

At Gem Awards we provide great customer service along with quality ribbons.  We evaluate and receive feedback for each of our value ribbons to make sure we provide quality awards that are also affordable.  We strive to replace “Cheap Ribbons” with Quality Affordable Value Ribbons.  It takes more time to find the right balance, but we think it’s necessary to providing long-lasting awards at a price everyone can afford.

Gem Awards’ Value Ribbons

We strive to provide you with the best ribbons at a very affordable price.  Our value line of ribbons is a great example of this.  Since 1988, we’ve worked with our suppliers to find the best ribbons at the lowest price thus replacing “cheap ribbons” with quality affordable ribbons.  If you have a low budget or need inexpensive awards, our value ribbons are perfect for you!  With placing ribbons from 1st – 10th place and various category ribbons you’re sure to find one that works for your event.  If you would like custom ribbons, please contact us.

Gem Awards’ Rosette Ribbons

Our rosette ribbons come in varying places and colors.  They are another great example of quality and affordability.  Each rosette has a pin on the back to display your winnings!  Made of quality materials and gold embossed, they are sure to be the star of your next event.


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