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Providing quality column trophies, resin trophies & other custom trophies since 1988.

Why Buy Trophies Online From Gem Awards?

At Gem Awards we provide great customer service along with quality trophies.  We evaluate and receive feedback for each of our products to make sure we provide quality awards and trophies that are also affordable.  We strive to replace “Cheap Awards & Cheap Trophies” with Quality Affordable Trophies & Awards.  It takes more time to find the right balance, but we think it’s necessary to providing long-lasting trophies at a price everyone can afford.

Gem Awards’ Custom Column Trophies

We try to provide you with the best trophies, and allow you to customize them wherever possible.  Our most affordable trophies and most popular trophies are our column trophies.  With our online visual builder, you can design and build your own trophies onscreen. We also have a large selection of resin trophies, glass trophies & acrylic trophies.

Gem Awards’ Resin Trophies

Our resin trophies are our most popular sports trophies.  Kids and adults love them, and they come in varying styles and sports.  They create live action trophies that capture the moment.  All of our sports resins come with free personalization and quick shipping.  They are sure to be a great trophy for teamates and coaches alike!

Premium Glass Trophies & Acrylic Trophies

We offer a wide range of high quality acrylic trophies and glass trophies.  Each one is individually laser engraved with you personalization to create a truly beautiful award.  As you can see from the photos above, we have a wide arrange of trophies ranging from cuber trohpies to pyramid trophies and also freestanding globe trophies.  We have many different types of glass prisms and other oblisk trophies.  You’re sure to find a trophy that fits your needs and the needs of your company.

Gem Awards Believes in Free Unlimited Engraving & Additional Options

You’ve probably been tricked into thinking you were purchasing really cheap trophies only to find out you had to pay for every character, additional color options, Setup Charges, etc.  By the time you get to your cart, your “cheap trophy” isn’t so cheap anymore!  At Gem Awards, we believe in being upfront about our prices even with the risk of looking like our products are more expensive than other trophy shops; however, we believe it’s a risk worth taking.  We don’t want to bait any of our customers or potential customers with low prices and then pile on extra charges during the customization process.  We will help you get the trophies you want, for a price you can afford.  No tricks involved!


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