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ALL INCLUSIVE – $1,299.99






ALL INCLUSIVE – $1,299.99

FAQ’s about Employee of the Month Plaques & Awards

What are employee of the month plaques?

Employee of the month plaques are perpetual plaques with a header plate and 12 individually engraved plates.  These plates are generally engraved with an employees name and the month in which they received the award.  The plaque is usually displayed in a prominent location in the business. (ie.  Foyer, Lobby, Workroom, Call Center)

How do I receive the individually engraved plates each month?

If you purchase your plaque from us, ordering a nameplate is easy by clicking here.

If you order one of our employee of the month packages.  You will only pay once, and the plates will be made and mailed to you at no additional charge.  Our packages are by far the best value for employee of the month awards.

How much should I spend on employee of the month awards?

The answer to this question obviously varies greatly due to your budget, the employees status, etc.  We offer several all inclusive employee of the months packages ranging from $500 – $1,300.  That means you end up spending around $40 – $110 per month on employee of the month awards.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on all of our employee of the month awards packages.  This includes all monthly shipments throughout the year.

Our employee of the month replacement nameplates ship with a very affordable shipping charge.

Why Employee Awards from Gem Awards?

At Gem Awards we provide great customer service along with quality awards.  We evaluate and receive feedback for each of our awards to make sure we provide quality awards that are affordable.  We strive to replace “Cheap Employee of the Month Awards” with Quality Affordable Awards Packages & Plaques.  It takes more time to find the right balance, but we think it’s necessary to providing long-lasting awards at a price everyone can afford.

Gem Awards’ Employee of the Month Plaques

We truly believe that having an employee of the month awards program in place will help increase employee moral and motivation.  This is why we offer quality 12 plate perpetual plaques at a price every business can afford.  We truly try to make monthly reordering simple and promise a quick turnaround time.

Gem Awards’ Employee of the Month Packages

We offer 6 different employee of the month awards packages that great for keeping your awards program organized and simple.  The best part is that you pay once and don’t have to pay a penny more the rest of the year!  That means we ship each months award and nameplate out to you absolutely free of charge.  These awards packages are sure to show your employees just how much they mean to your company.

Gem Awards Believes in Free Unlimited Engraving & Additional Options

Upon ordering on of our employee of the month plaques or plaque packages you will be contacted by and engraver who will work through the design elements for your plaques and individual awards if applicable.  We believe in giving you exactly what you want, this is why you receive a one on one consultation with an engraver.  Once you are satisfied your order will be processed and your design is saved for simple reordering in the future.  It couldn’t be any easier!  If you have questions about any of our products please contact Gem Awards.


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