Employee of the Month Piano Finish Plaques Package



Package Includes:

  • 9″ x 12″ Piano Finish Perpetual Plaque w/ ALL engraving included
  • 12 Individual Plates w/ ALL engraving included
  • 12 8″ x 10″ Engraved Plaques
  • Free Shipping (entire year)

Perpetual Plaque Color

Perpetual Plaque Plate Color

Recipient Plaque Color

Recipient Plate Color

Company Name

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If you’re looking to recognize outstanding employees, this employee of the month piano finish plaques package is perfect for you.  We simplify the process by bundling everything into one package.  This piano finish plaques package includes a 9″ x 12″ Employee of the month Perpetual Plaque with 12 individual engraved plates & 12 Large 8″ x 10″ Piano Finish Plaques for your employee of the month recipients.  Individual employee of the month plaques will be designed by you with the support of the qualified engravers at Gem Awards.  This is also a great way to brand your business.


  1.  Order the Employee of the Month Piano Finish Plaque Package above including your company name & logo for your plaques.
  2.   A representative will contact you to go over design elements or special requests you may have.  They will also work with you to design the individual 8″ x 10″ employee of the month plaques.
  3.   Your Perpetual Plaque will be mailed out to you, along with a company specific promo code for 12 free engraved plates and 12 free engraved 8″ x 10″ piano finished plaques.
  4.   Each month, order a new plate and plaque using your company promo code.  These will be mailed out at no cost to you!

We try to make employee recognition easy at Gem Awards.  With this plaques package, you’re sure to give great quality employee of the month gifts your employees will love.  If you have any questions about this package, contact us to talk to an engraver.


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