Participation Trophy Debate | Good or Bad?

Participation Trophy Debate | Good or Bad?

The Participation Trophy Debate   A highly-debated topic in sports and competitions worldwide is the use of participation trophies and the effect they can have on the children who receive them. Many argue to keep participation trophies in sports, citing that it...

End of Treatment Bell Quotes & Engravings

End of Treatment Bell Quotes & Engraving Ideas Marking the end of treatment by ringing a cancer bell has been a popular tradition since 1996.  In the last 30 years we have been able to engrave thousands of end of treatment bells/cancer bells for patients around...

Moving the Cancer Bell Ringing Ceremony Home

After a long battle with Cancer, it’s  a dream every patient has….to ring the cancer bell.  But is this popular tradition affecting other patients in the center?  Should the bell ringing ceremony move from cancer centers to front porches? Ringing the...

Jacob Passey – Why Recognition Matters

Hi! I’m Jacob E. Passey, CEO of Gem Awards Inc. headquartered in Cedar City, Utah and creator of the online segment at I’ve been working for my family company since I was 14 years old; however, I wasn’t always interested in the Awards &...
Cancer Bell Ringing Ceremony – Complete History

IPO Celebration & Bell Ringing Ceremony

#1 Gift for IPO Celebrations and Bell Ringing Ceremonies Is your company going public?  Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate your IPO?  Why not have your own personal bell ringing ceremony? Dozens of companies have ordered our engravable brass bells to...

Custom Cum Laude Honor Medals (Summa & Magna)

Every Recipient Deserves a Medal Fully-custom Summa & Magna Cum Laude Medallions At Gem Awards, we strive to encourage students to excel in education.  We have created 2 programs to assist in these efforts. 4.0 GPA Plaque Sponsorship Summa & Magna Cum Laude...
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