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Are you looking for that traditional engraved look? You know…when the engraving is actually etched into the material instead of printed or burned.  Then you’re looking for Diamond Engraving!

What is Diamond Engraving?

Diamond Engraving is also known as “Scratch Engraving” or “Diamond Drag Engraving.”  This is because during the engraving process a diamond graver is dragged across the surface of the engraving stock to produce the etched engraving.  Unlike sublimation engraving material is actually removed from the stock to reveal an underlying color, or to scratch the surface leaving the engraved pattern.

Diamond Drag Engraving

What can you do with Diamond Engraving?

The better question to ask is “what can’t you do with diamond engraving?”  This is by far the most versatile engraving style.  It is often used to engrave on family heirlooms and other personal items.  Take a look at some of the images below to see what you can do with diamond engraving.


Diamond Engraving is the most durable type of engraving when compared to Laser and sublimation engraving.  Because material is actually being removed from the item, it must be buffed and polished in order to remove it.  If the engraving is deep enough, some buffing may never entirely remove the engraving without severely altering the face of the object.


The depth of the engraving depends on the amount of pressure applied as the stylus is dragged across the surface as well as how many times the item is “struck.” The width of the engraving is limited to the size of the diamond cutter.  This usually varies between .003” and .005.” This means lines engraved are limited to how bold they can look.  In order to overcome this downside engravers use multiple lined fonts to produce a bolder look to the engraving.


Multiple Lines of Diamond Engraving

Sharpening the Diamonds

Over time, the diamond tips used in the diamond graver become slightly rounded and dull.  This produces a less desirable engraving, and can cause materials to “chip” away rather than produce the clean desired etching.  Diamonds can either be sharpened or replaced.


If you’re looking to engrave a family heirloom or other personal item, then diamond engraving is probably the best style to use.  It produces a great traditional look, and will last forever.  If you would like to know if your item can be diamond engraved, leave a comment below or contact Gem Awards.

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