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Which Size? What Color?  What Font Size?

Are you wondering what the State of Utah notary stamp requirements are?  Keep reading for more information.

General Information

Vendors must adhere to state notary stamp guidelines to ensure validity if a challenge arises.  Though most states have similar requirements, there are a few states that require certain things to be declared on the notary stamps.  In the State of Utah vendors are required to obtain a valid certification from the Notary to limit fraud.  Most vendors making Utah notary stamps regularly update and check recent regulations put out by the state department.  It is still the responsibility of the Notary to ensure the stamps have been made to the required specifications.  That’s why it’s important for all Notaries to know the specifications for the State of Utah Notary Stamps.


State of Utah Notary Stamp Requirements

Below is a list of requirements unique to the State of Utah.

  • Requires Purple Ink
  • Must have the name of the Notary
  • Must say “Notary Public”
  • Must say “State of Utah”
  • Must have the Commission Number
  • Must have the Commission Expiration Date
  • Must have the image of the Great Seal of the State of Utah

Utah notary stamps can be accompanied by a paper seal press, but must also be stamped so that the image is readable when photocopied.  The purple ink is used to ensure validity if a challenge arises.  All other specifications must be taken directly from the certificate of authority of notary public document you’ve received in the mail.  The notaries name, commission number, and expiration date must be exactly and accurately represented on the stamp.

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