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Service Awards can save companies thousands of dollars in recruiting, retention and other costs. Here’s a list of the best service awards under $50.

Crystal Medallion on Base

Facetted Round Glass TrophyThis medallion is our most popular service award, and voted the best service award in 2018 by our customers.  It is usually given out for 1-5 years of service.  The faceted glass face measures 4″ in diameter and sits on a 1″ tall crystal base.  The trophy is made of premier crystal and has a high perceived value due to its substantial weight.  Coming in at $49.95, its price tag saves managers a lot of money when recognizing employees for their service.

Piano Finish Recognition Plaques

Red Piano Finish Recognition PlaquesPiano finish recognition plaques were ranked as our second best service award.  They are popular because they come in 6 varying sizes to fit any budget.  The high gloss piano finish board has an expensive feel and luster.  The laser engraved plate is mounted on a mirror border plate to make the engraving and your company logo stand out from the colored background.  These plaques start at $34.99 for a 6×8 plaque.  You can still upgrade to either a 7×9 or 8×10 plaque and stay under $50.00  Not to mention we offer quantity discounts starting at 11 plaques that could save you even more money.  This is by far the best value when it comes to service awards.

Oval Glass Trophy

Glass Oval Tophy with Black BaseThe Oval Glass trophy ranks third in our best service awards under $50.  The trophy comes in two different sizes and the smaller size is $49.95.  It measures 5″ tall and 6″ wide and is a very substantial award.  Most employers love the large amount of engravable space on the glass front.  It makes it great for large amounts of engraving or a larger logo.  All of our glass trophies come standard in a presentation case which most employers love.


If you’re not taking advantage of the use of service awards in your organization then you’re missing out saving on potential recruitment, retention and other organization expenses.  Employees who feel recognize by their employers are much more likely to show up one time, produce quality products and refer your company to a friend.  These are the best service awards under $50 – A price every employer can afford!