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The Top 10 Best Wedding Cake Serving Sets

We set out to collect the 10 best wedding cake serving sets for any wedding!  These are the sets we found that blend quality along with affordability to help you get what you need within your budget.  Each of the cake servers comes with free personalization (Diamond Engraving).  The set is boxed in a beautiful satin lined gift box and is all ready for the big day!

Enjoy our Top 10

1.  The “Forever” Set

By far the most popular design, this “Forever” Serving Set has the perfect touch of elegance that isn’t overdone.  The two toned metal (Gold & Silver) makes it perfect for nearly any wedding.  The hearts molded into the handles shine with beautiful inlayed crystals.  The tips of the double heart pattern continue on to the blades of the knife and server to create a truly seemless piece.  Coming in at $99.95, they are on the higher end of our Top 10, but are definitely a wedding keepsake that will last a lifetime.

2.  “Embrace” Server Set

The “Embrace” Wedding Cake Server Set comes in second because of it’s similar style to the “Forever” Set, but at a cheaper price.  Coming in at $69.95 and free personalization this is any couples go to wedding set.  The handle has a beautiful molded heart with a smaller heart inlayed with crystals.  The unique straight edge on the pear shaped cake server is another subtle touch of elegance.  With a long swirling line to tie the hearts to the blades it forms the perfect embrace between the two.

3.  The “Traditional” Server Set

The “Traditional” Server Set has been a popular choice for many years.  Everything is just as you would expect it to be.  The long straight cake knife, and the pear shaped server  are made for both practicality and elegance.

The handles are molded into a traditional serving pattern that can easily be dressed up for the occasion with some lace or ribbon, or down with some burlap.  You can’t lose with this set.  Classics are classics because they have withstood the tests of time.  You’re sure to enjoy this set for a long time after the big day!

4. Gold, Gold & More Gold

Do you have a gold wedding?  Or are you looking for the perfect gold accents for your wedding?  This gold tone version of the traditional set is our best selling gold wedding cake server set.  It has all of the benefits of the traditional knife and server, but adds a hint of richness with the shiny gold tone.

The server comes personalized with free engraving and additional engraving on the knife is optional.  It’s easy to further customize this set by adding ribbon or material to match your wedding colors.

5. “Glitter Galore” Serving Set

You’re the Star of the wedding, but a close second will be this “Glitter Galore” cake knife and server set.  It sparkles under the lights and adds a fun element to any wedding.  The handle is made up of dozens of inlayed crystals that sparkle in almost every direction.  This set is for a “Super Stars” Wedding!

6. “Double Hearts” Serving Set

This is a great affordable wedding cake server set.  The handle has a beautiful streamlined look with open interlocking hearts at the end.  The hearts are brought together in an overlapping fashion to symbolize a perfect union between husband and wife.  The blades on the knife and the server have a light serrated edge to make it easier for cutting.  A beautiful set for a beautiful couple.

7. Simple Heart Handle & Heart Cake Server

This very simple designed wedding cake server has a beautifully designed wedding server that is in a perfect heart shape.  The handles have embossed hearts into the ends that add to the simplicity of the handle.  The cake knife has a slight serrated blade to make it easy to cut through even the richest of cakes.  This set is a great way to show your love at the cake cutting ceremony!

8. Westwood Wedding Knife and Server Set

Number 7 comes in with the Westwood Wedding Knife and Server Set.  This highly polished set is very affordable!  Coming in at $49.95 with free personalization makes it the perfect go to set on a budget.  The set goes with any weddingd decor and can be added to by tying ribbon or lace around the handles.  Each handle has a sleek hourglass design that fits perfectly in your hand.  The straight edged-pear shaped server adds a unique dimension to the traditional server style.  Serrated Blade on Knife.

9. “Gold Hammered” Set

This unique server set blends ruggedness and elegance into one piece.  The hammered handles are one of a kind and add a truly unique texture.  The two toned (Gold & Silver) metals make it easy to match any wedding colors while adding a touch of gold.

At $79.95 it’s one of the more expensive cake sets, but with free personalization and quick shipping, it makes it onto the list as Number 9.

10. “Elegant Crystals” Serving Set

The last of our top 10 best wedding cake server sets is the “Elegant Crystals” Server Set.  This is a truly timeless piece. Each handle is molded into a beautiful hourglass shape with a dished face.  The ends boasting a heave round edge and the top featuring several inlayed crystals to make it really shine.

Moderately priced at $59.95, this cake server and knife set are sure to look good at any cake cutting ceremony.  Free personalization and gift boxed, makes this a great find!

What was your favorite?

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What was your favorite style of cake set

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