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The ULTIMATE Missionary Package

Limited Time Offer – $100.00

Missionary Work & The Atonement

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What You Get!

Limited Time Offer – $100.00

Missionary Plaque

Jesus the Christ

Missionary Life

Study Helps

Journals & Key Chain

Articles of Faith

History of J. Smith

Inspirational Video

A Closer Look

Missionary Plaque

Traditional diamond engraved missionary plaque with name, scripture, mission, dates of service & hand-cut country.

2 Leather Journals

Two soft touch leather journals, engraved with mission map outline, name of mission and missionary.

Engraved Keychain

Leather keychain laser engraved with the missionaries name on the front. Extra durable key ring.

Jesus The Christ

Written by James E. Talmage of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.  Commentary on the New Testament.


The Articles of Faith

Written by James E. Talmage.  A series of doctrinal lectures on faith and other core gospel doctrines.


Latter-day Prophet

Written by George Q. Cannon.  A history of the Prophet Joseph Smith written specifically for young people.


Sketches of Missionary Life

Written by Edwin F. Parry.  Short chapters with a great overview of what missionary life will is like.


Study Helps & Packets

Written by LDS Author Dale Jeffery.  Over 100 pages of inspirational quotes, study helps & missionary resources.


Inspirational Video

Missionary Work & The Atonement.  Inspirational video compiled from talks from new mission president seminar.

(.mp4 file)

Limited Time Offer – $100.00


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