So, You’re Going Public?

The day of your IPO is probably the second most historic day of your company, the first being the day it was formed.  You want to make it special.  You want to make sure everyone feels a part of the success, excitement and celebration of the IPO process.

This post will focus on how you can include every employee in the IPO Celebration.

Include Every Employee

With a little work, your IPO will not just be a single day to be celebrated, but will open an entire new chapter for your company.

By involving each employee in the IPO process, it will energize team members, and cultivate a fast-paced goal oriented corporate culture.

If you foster this energy correctly, it will live on in each employee long after you ring the bell on opening day.

Build Excitement 

Taking a company public isn’t a simple task, it requires the help of many individuals; Accountants, lawyers, bankers, marketers…nearly every department of your organization will be involved by the end of the IPO process.

So why not get them ALL involved from the very beginning?

Once you decide to go public, let every employee in on the “secret.”  This helps them feel valued, informed and essential.

During the IPO process, send out regular updates about where you are and how